The Good Diet Box is a concept created by Dr. Shikha Sharma Nutriwel Health India Pvt. Ltd. – in partnership with Dr. Shikha Sharma's journey into nutrition for healing started from her stint as a medical doctor in the intensive care unit of G B Pant hospital. Her desire to make Nutrition as part of healing inspired her to create a nutrition-based health protocol. In her past 21 years of experience in nutrition for healing, she would often get feedback from her clients that although they followed the diet plans prescribed to them, their one of the most significant pain point is still unresolved – that is, cooking the meal individually as per the diet plan. The clients either prepare meals themselves or oversee the meals prepared by their households, but it was additional work to prepare an individual meal personalized for the client’s body type. Dr. Shikha Sharma tried various models to ensure that her clients got personalized meals as per diet plans but collaborations with restaurants and professional caterers did not give the results that Dr. Shikha Sharma had benchmarked. Either the offering was too expensive, or the quality standards were not uniform.

Then came with their concept of affordable home-cooked meals from home chefs delivered warm and fresh. This gave Dr. Shikha Sharma the impetus to conceive "The Good Diet Box”. In The Good Diet Box, Dr. Shikha Sharma and her team of nutritionists create, and curate personalized diet plans as per individual body types and create the recipes as per meals prescribed in the diet plans. Dr. Shikha Sharma's team then collaborates with the home chefs of to prepare these recipes and deliver them to the clients. In short, the clients not only get happiness but also health home-delivered.

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How Does The Good Diet Box Work?

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